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Baby Thrift Wear Home Parties

btw_smAre you pregnant and need clothes for the new arrival? Are you a new mom needing to buy clothes for your rapidly growing baby? Are you shopping on a tight budget? Do you want to save lots of money while helping the families, children, and youth of the community? Then, a Baby Thrift Wear (BTW) Home Party is just what you need!

You provide the home, the guests, and refreshments.

We provide a volunteer co-host, the clothes, and handle the sales.

How it works

The host invites family and friends to come to their home for the party. The host also provides the refreshments however they choose. It could be fun to have everyone bring a pot luck dish or a different kind of cookie or the host can provide all the refreshments.

A BTW volunteer will work with the host to determine the best sizes to bring and how much to bring, based on the size of the party.

At the party, there will be games and socializing while people eat and look over the assortment of clothes and accessories that the BTW volunteer brings to the party. Prizes of discount coupons for the thrift store will be given to game winners and one lucky winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to the thrift store.

No two parties will offer the same exact clothes or accessories, as all items we sell are donated, but they will all be high quality and recently cleaned. The clothing sizes we bring can be adjusted so that all guests will be able to find something to buy.

Benefits of hosting

  • You get to spend time with family and friends.
  • You’re supporting a local non-profit that provides programs to the community you live in.
  • For every $10 in sales from the guests, you receive $1 off your order that night or a gift certificate to be used at the store at a later date.

Sign up to host a BTW Home Party

Signing up for a BTW Home Party is easy, click here to fill out a short form or call Neil at 603-542-1848 ext. 311.

Anyone at a BTW party who signs up to host their own party, will receive a coupon for an additional 25% off their order at their party.

BTW Home Party themes

  • The BTW House Party is a great alternative to the traditional baby shower.
  • A fun way to celebrate your child’s first birthday with family and friends — guests can buy clothes for your child as a gift and/or buy for their own children.
  • Great for grandparents and other older adults to get together for some socializing and shopping without having to navigate public transportation or worry about the weather.

TLC’s thrift store, which is open from Wednesday to Saturday every week, offers quality gently used clothes for children from preemie to children’s size 14 as well as maternity wear and gently used books, toys, and baby equipment. The store is run by volunteers, which makes it possible for all the funds to be invested into the programs, educational services, support groups, and events offered to families, children, and youth throughout the community.

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