TLC Family Resource Center offers Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) to mothers and babies who are at-risk for attachment difficulties. This includes mothers who have a history of trauma, depression or substance abuse. Mothers who were themselves abused as children, who are survivors of domestic violence, or who have problems with attachment may request a referral for CPP.

Child Parent Psychotherapy is designed to improve nurturing and attachment. Our CPP clinician, Melony Williams, supports the parent as protector of the child and helps parents to understand the meaning of their child’s behavior. Parents who receive CPP gain understanding about the impact of their own trauma history on their parenting and have an opportunity to discuss intense feelings they may experience in the course of being a parent. Parents gain the skills and techniques they need to manage their feelings in a healthy way.

TLC Family Resource Center staff members with the qualifications to offer this specialized treatment have received CPP training and supervision from the Dartmouth Trauma Intervention and Research Center and West Central Behavioral Health Services.

For more information about Child Parent Psychotherapy, contact melony@TLCfamilyRC.org.