Vision: Imagine a place where every child and every family enjoys economic, physical, social and spiritual security. TLC Family Resource Center seeks to make our community that place, the best place for families to raise a child.

Mission: To promote the optimal health and development of New Hampshire children and families.


  • We believe that the parent-child relationship is the most critical factor in the development of emotional, cognitive, physical and social health of children.
  • We believe that the development of a trusting, respectful, genuine caring relationship between parents and those who help them is essential.
  • We believe that prevention is better than intervention, and that all families deserve voluntary and timely access to family health and support services.
  • We believe that families are the experts about their own lives.
  • We welcome parents as partners in the governance of the agency.
  • We encourage laughter and joy in our interactions with children and families and with our colleagues.