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Protective Factors

Protective factors are five research-based conditions or attributes (skills, strengths, resources, supports or coping strategies) in individuals, families, communities or the larger society that help people deal more effectively with stressful events and mitigate or eliminate risk in families and communities. These are known to keep children safe and families strong, and they form the basis of all conversations that take place in the Parent Café. Below are some sample questions that may be discussed during the Parent Café for each factor.

1. Resilience: Parent Resilience – Be strong and flexible

How do you feel good about yourself when your children are really messing up?
When is it challenging to “be the parent”?

2. Relationships: Social Connections – Parents need friends
Aside from family members, who is a significant adult in your child’s life and how does your child benefit?
How have you handled it when a friend has taken advantage of you or put your child at risk?

3. Knowledge: Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development – Being a great parent is part natural and part learned
What are the advantages and disadvantages of parents “presenting a united front” to children?
What do you like best about parenting and about yourself as a parent?

4. Support: Concrete Support in Times of Need – Everybody needs help sometimes
Who will take care of your children if you die and why do you choose them?
When your family has needed help, who has been there and how did they help?

5. Communication: Social & Emotional Competence of Children – Parents need to help their children communicate
How do you keep your personal and sex life private?
How do your children know you love and respect them?